Colours & Compounds Masterbatch. Adding colour and performance to plastic.

Adding colour to your products and enhancing their performance is what we do best. With more than 120,000 colours already developed, market-leading technologies and more than 18 years in the business, we offer unrivaled colour matching expertise and will provide the right additive or masterbatch for your application.

Renowned for our flexibility and responsiveness, we service a broad range of customers from a wide variety of markets. Our experienced technical and R&D teams also develop solutions for flexible and rigid packaging.

We’re committed to providing our customers with quality products and technical service second to none in the industry.

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PVC Compounds




PVC Compounds by Colours & Compounds Ltd.

Colours and Compounds Ltd. offers both flexible and rigid PVC compounds in either pellet or powder form. Our staff has over 25 years of collective knowledge in the production, development, and sales of high-quality flexible and rigid PVC compounds. State-of-the-art computer controlled processes are utilized to produce the most consistent, highest quality PVC compounds in the industry. Our Dar es Salaam location gives us a geographic advantage of being the only manufacturer of PVC compounds in East Africa.

We currently offer products for molding, profile, wire/cable  and film applications. Supplying both customized plastic colour concentrates and PVC compounds, Colours and Compounds Ltd. has the unique ability to offer you a full service supplier relationship dedicated to complete customer satisfaction.

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Calcium Carbonate Masterbatch



Masterbatch with Excellent Quality, Whiteness and Performance

Calcium carbonate masterbatch is made with super fine calcium carbonate and other high quality special additives. It is popular with many of our customers because of its stable high quality and excellent performance and whiteness. Application examples include; foam, sheet, injection mouldings, profile extrusions and others.

Colours & Compounds Ltd has developed tailor made calcium carbonate masterbatches for every application and every customer’s need. Every product is specially designed and developed after much R&D and getting practical feedback from the actual users. Hence, you can be very much assured about the performance, consistency, quality and economics of our products. With rigorous testing, all products are guaranteed in quality.

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